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About Kabookey

Interactive e-books Easily Built!

Bored with flat e-books? Meet Kabookey!

Kabookey turns your quest for interactive e-books with multimedia punch into reality! Show off your intellectual property, your selling brochure, your corporate job aids, your annual reports, your restaurant's menus or even your poetry or art in an exciting mix of text, images, video, audio and multimedia interactives – and deliver compelling reads to the iPad!

How It Works

Content producers have been limited, for too long, to delivering e-books that are essentially mirrored copies of print books – flat text, occasional images, but little more. The most excitement you get is the ability to adjust the size of the font.

Yet, in our digital age, we connect with a web of media – videos, interactives, audio, animations, and more. It’s sad to say – but e-books are flat and dry.

Kabookey delivers on the promise of multimedia e-books. The framework includes a composing service on the web plus an iPad app that enables the delivery of remarkable, interactive, eye-popping e-books.

You can embed rich media content from a variety of sources. You can monitor what’s being read. You can make editorial updates on the fly. You can push updates simply,without whole republishing. And you can control who has access to your content through a system that limits e-book downloads to a user account.

Discover what e-books were meant to be. Meet Kabookey!

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